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Bandwidth limit on windows XP, or Linksys router?

I have a linksys router that I use to split the internet connection onto 4 computers.... however, one computer, running Windows XP  (my sister) is using up our bandwidth limit for the month.... every month. I would like to know if there is a way to limit her connection, either through the linksys router, or locally on her machine without her knowledge.  We have a 7 gig download / upload a month, and she uses approximately 6.4 gigs out of the entire cap.

I know that there is QoS in Windows XP, but I've set this to 99% bandwidth limit, and she still is able to download at the regular speeds.  So any ideas?  Thank you.

Keep in mind, either way.... Limit her through the router, or a setting on her computer for Windows XP.  (preferably the router)  Thanks.
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You went the wrong way. Limiting that computer to 99% allows that computer to reserve 99% of the available bandwidth.. but of course that means the bandwidth it sees on the wire - which is probably 10mbits.

You're talking about QoS Packet scheduling, and this type of restriction only applies to programs running on the XP system you're talking about.... and even worse, only applies to programs that are QoS aware. The ones that aren't... well they send/receive tcp/ip at full strength.

The XP box knows nothing about the other 3 devices that use your linksys router. The bandwidth limiting must be done at the router level - at least in your infrastructure.

Linksys<-->Linux Box<-->Hub<-->4 machines

The linux box runs the tcp shaping application.

Here's a HOWTO link for bandwidth limiting for Linux http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Bandwidth-Limiting-HOWTO/

Now bandwidth limiting with your linksys device? Hard to say since you didn't mention the model.

Grab that model number and try the website http://www.linksys.com/support/support.asp. Search based on your model number for FAQs and Knowledge base answers.
Nitro187Author Commented:
I have the Linksys model BEFSR41 Cable dsl router.  Sorry about not mentioning the model,

But it doesn't seem like it has support to limit bandwidth.

I didn't realise that QoS doesn't restrict if the program isn't QoS aware, that sucks.  So basically your saying the only way is to hook up a linux box to limit the bandwidth?
Yes you need some sort of device between your Linksys router and the rest of your network.

My only experience is with Linux and bandwidth limiting. If it can be done using a product for Windows I have not heard about it, and have even less experience.

If you do decide to operate a Linux box, then you should also deploy a firewall on to it, and maybe Snort. Now you'll have a firewall protected network with an IDS. Granted the Linksys does a lot, but perhaps you could open your Linksys 'wide open' and transfer all control to the firewall.

Good luck.
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