Access a form element by name

I have a script that needs to access a form element by it's name.  I have tried a number of different methods:

document.frmMain["element" + x].value
document.frmMain.["element" + x].value
document.forms[0]["element" + x].value
document.forms[0].["element" + x].value

all of which have not worked.

I have a large number of form elements and do not want to loop through all of them comparing the name.  Is there some way to do this?
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could you provide code sample please
var e = eval("document.frmMain.elementArray[" + x + "]")

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Not sure what you need, but an easy way to access the element is in the element tag.  <input name="test" onChange="someFunction(this);">

function someFunction(e){
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where abc is the name of your element.

Hope that helps.

Or if you want to just cycle through and don't need names...
Where i is a counter.

HOWEVER -- this assumes that ALL elements are text elements, not radio buttons, checkboxes, or dropdowns. Those would be accessed differently.

It's MUCH easier to do this server side when the form is completed. What are you trying to do?
getageekAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much!
glad to help
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