Combining Number In A String

I am using a DTMF receiver connected to my parallel port to receive the tones generated by the phone. So far, when i press 1 on the phone, a 1 appears in the text box (txtNumIn). The same for 2-0.

What i would like to do is as i press the numbers 555-1212, i would like all the numbers to appear in the text box. What is happening now is 5 appears, then 5 then 5 the 2, 2, 2 and 2. I do not want the single numbers, i want all 7 to be grouped together and when the total numbers in the string reach 7 digits, for the string to stop accepting numbers and output the number to a .dat file.

So basically,

Group the dialed numbers in a string (show the digits being dialed in a text box) and when the total digits reah 7, export the data to a .dat file. I need the 7 numbers to be shown in the same text box together (555-1212) and not just 5, just 2, just 2 .......

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Not the best way, but wherever you are printing those numbers to the text box, use a variable instead. If the len is seven then print it out to a file or the textbox. Maybe something like this?:

'Put in Declarations
public spNum as string

'Put where you get Parrallel Port info
dim sInputChar as string

'sInputChar is input from parrallel port

'make sure we got something from p port
if len(trim(sInputChar)) > 0 then
    spNum = spNum & sInputChar 'input from p port

    if len(spNum) = 7 then
        'write to textbox
        txtout.text = spNum
        'Clear var and startover
        spNum = ""

    end if
end if

my guess is when you receive the DTMF code, you are doing something like: textbox1.text = dtmfcode each time.

change it to:
textbox1.text = textbox1.text & dtmfcode

this will append the numbers as you get them.

textbox1.text = textbox1.text & dtmfcode

Private Sub Text1_Change()
    If Len(Text1.Text) = 3 Then
        Text1.Text = Text1.Text & "-"
        Text1.SelStart = Len(Text1.Text)
    End If
    If Len(Text1.Text) = 8 Then
        AppendToFile (Text1.Text)
        Text1.Text = ""
    End If
End Sub

Sub AppendToFile(strText)
    FileNumber = FreeFile
    Open "C:\Filename.dat" For Append As FileNumber
    Print #FileNumber, strText
    Close FileNumber
End Sub


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