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talk with a I/O port?

Posted on 2003-03-19
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-15
I'm trying to send&recieve infomation from a port of my pc. I know that I have to use in C the command _inp and _outp, but I can't make it work... I'd like to see a simple working example of a C program using those two functions, for example with the port number (300H)... Thank you for your colaboration, Rui_Cadete from Portugal.
Question by:rui_cadete

Expert Comment

ID: 8170509
What are you trying to read from the port?  Are you sure that data is there?

int buf[100];
int x;

/* read 100 integers from port 300  - they better be there, or the program will just wait for them and appear hung...*/
  buf[x] = _inp(0x300);


Expert Comment

ID: 8170561
The _inp and _outp work only on DOS, Windows 16 bits and Windows 95/98. It won't work on Win NT/2000/XP.
Are you on the right platform ?
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Accepted Solution

Mayank S earned 225 total points
ID: 8172167
Assuming that you are on the right platform:

inp () reads an value from the port number passed to it as an argument, and returns that value (integer), like:

int n ;
n = inp ( 0x300 ) ; // read from port no. 300H
printf ( "\n %d", n ) ;

Similarly, to send a value to a port, you have to use outp () which takes 2 arguments, the port number and the value to be sent:

int n = 45 ;
outp ( 0x300, n ) ; // send the value to port no. 300H

Generally, while sending/ reading values to/ from a port, we prefer to interpret in hexadecimal format, and I would do the above as:

int n = 0x2D ;
outp ( 0x300, n ) ;

Hope that helps! If you want to know something more, then please post a comment.



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Expert Comment

ID: 8177282
what hardware do you want to program? do u have to send bytes with a defined baudrate, parities and so on, or do you have to make the outputs high or low?

e.g. i've made a project to program a relaisboard at com-port. this needed a baudrate of 19200, no parity, one stopbit, and a wordlength of 8bit. u then have to put the bits of the registers of the com-port (there are 8 of them and each has it's own address) and then, when you write to the base-address of the com-port, data will be sent. if you want to write to the com1 u have the addresses 03F8 to 03FF. writing to 03F8 would look like this:

outportb(0x03F8, 65);

sends 1 byte to 3F8. this byte would mean an 'A' in ascii-code and a 01000001 in dual-code. so 8 bits are sent to this address.

perhaps u could give us further information about the port you want to write to and the hardware you connect. it could be helpful.

Author Comment

ID: 8177401
The answer may work under win98 but it seem not to be working under winXP
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Expert Comment

by:Mayank S
ID: 8178904
Try outport () or outportb ().


Expert Comment

ID: 8179287
"outportb(0x03F8, 65);" (mirko_germany = me)
"Try outport () or outportb ()." (mayankeagle)

very senceful to write the same again, what other already wrote. however: "The answer may work under win98 but it seem not to be working under winXP" did you refer to my answer by that? it'll work with all windows-systems. at borland c++ 5.01 for win (that's what i use) u have to set the target-expert: target-model->dos(standard). i used the outportb-command at win98, win2k and winxp. it worked on every system.
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Expert Comment

by:Mayank S
ID: 8179334
>> very senceful to write the same again, what other already wrote.

You did not mention about outport (), Mirko. Anyways, I did not go through your comment entirely before mentioning that. Please take it from here if you wish to.


Expert Comment

ID: 8179422
but i wouldn't recommend outport, but outportb. the difference is, that with outport you can only send 2bytes in one command. with outportb you can also send 1byte in a command, what i still think is to much, because it would make more sense to send each bit alone to the port, but i'm afraid, i think it's impossible.

@rui_cadete: if u want to program the serial port, i could even send u a .dll-file which makes programming easier, because u don't have to program each register, but u get commands like sendbyte, readbyte etc., so that it's easier to programm the hardware and more compatibility to other port-chips. i had the problem, when i didn't use this file, that the program ran on my computer perfectly, but on my teacher's computer it didn't run, because i had programmed it (by outportb) for the ns16450 (which i obviously have, but he not). but then he gave me this dll and i used it and now it works at both pcs. so if you are interested in this file, just leave your e-mail-address and i'll send it to u. but it only includes commands for com-port, time-routines and sound-commands.


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