javascript from remote server, present in different way

I was wondering how the following could be achieved. I already have a web page where I query the database and generate HTML and send to the page. Now I want to write on top of this existing page to query the results but to format it differently.

User clicks on the link on page 1, on the server the data is retrieved and sent back to the page and the page displays the table...

Now I want,

User clicks on a link on page 2, which in turns points to link 1 on page 1, get the output and format it differently to show as a different table.

Please help.
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clarifications :
1. Is it that u want the same data to be displayed in 2 differnt formats.
2. or is it that when u click on a link on page 1 - u query the db & get different results ???

if its case 1. then things can be handled differently

u can create 2 pages with different formats based on the same query & show only page1 to the user.
now when the user clicks on the link on page 1 - instead of querying the DB again & getting the result - simply redirect the user to the page2 - which shows the records in different format.

this same logic can be applied if its case 2 as well

let me know - if i am getting u right !

please give example of what do you mean by page i, page 2

something like page one will have customer infor,...etc
samimaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Anand.

I want something like case 1 but my problem is that page 2 has no access to the database that page 1 has. So, I cannot use what you suggested.

Let me tell you what I exactly want.
There is a site that accesses the personal records of employees of a company and displays some info on their web page. They also provide a sniplet that you can put in your page's HTML to show this info on your web page. When I do this I do get all the required info but in the format that is set by them. I want to reformat it to fit the look and feel of my website.

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can i have a look at what exactly u r getting [sniplet format] & how is it preformatted.

once i look at it - may be i cld guide u on how to reformat it - in ur own way.

also tell me how the results wld be used on page2 .. is it that the sniplet ur talking abt - has them in it - or its provided seperately ... just to know exactly what u want

also if u can provide a link to ur page - i cld see it running [if possible]

Parse data with <cfhttp> rework it on your local server, create a query, populate it with the parsed data and display the data whatever way you wish.

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