Windows 2000 problems between 2 user accounts

Ok, my main user account is admin, been doing this for a year and ran great.  The other day, it locked up while I was logged into admin.  Then it would come back and then lock up for another 15 seconds. This continued and I was worried it was a hardware problem.  But I logged in under my roomates account who only uses it to play games, and it hasn't locked up once since I've been logged in on his account.  I'm running several apps right now and typing this.  So that makes me think that its a software problem on my account, maybe something running on my account that isn't running on my roomates user account that is causing problems.  Does that make sense?

What do you guys think.
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Also check your sevices and see if there is something there that can be stopped that may be doing this.

Service Configurations
Open the Task Manager to the Processes tab and click on the CPU column and see which process rotates to the top and if a process is using a high amount of CPU cycles.

Start > Run taskmgr.exe
DrPcKenAuthor Commented:
i'm on my admin account now, its running good, i uninstalled some stuff i didn't need anymore.

i'll keep you posted
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Windows 2000

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