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How do I get rid of the green and pink dots

I have a 850 mz HP, 256mb of ram, Nvidia Geforce 64mb vedio, Dell D1025TM monitor, Win XP. When I boot,or play a game that uses DirectX, the screen comes up with green and pink dots in the dark areas. I run DirectX diagnostic tool and it says, no problem found. After it runs the screen is fine. The same hardware with Win ME I had no problems. Can someone help? I am new here and only have 75 points, all goes to whoever will help.

Thanks, seac
1 Solution
The optimal resolution for this monitor is
1280 x 1024 at 75Hz.
Check whether that is the setting of the monitor and check whether the game your playing has a video/display setting at this frequency and resolution.
Make sure your system's graphics mode and video frequency are supported by this monitor. Even within the proper range, some video boards may have a sync pulse that is too narrow for the monitor to synchronize with correctly.
Btw, you can try to update your display card driver and also the directx.
Wojciech DudaCommented:
Can you provide us with the exact video card name, your video driver version, DirectX version and games played?

A good idea would be to start here:


Get the newest driver for your Nvidia card, uninstall old driver, reboot, install new driver.

Please provide further info about your progress so we can help.
seac46Author Commented:
I did not what Hz my monitor was on or how to check it. I started looking in device manager and found it was trying to use onboard as well as the pci video card, when I disabled the onboard it took care of my problem.

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