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Restoring NIS+ from tape

I managed to really screw up our domain master using pkgrm istead of patchrm. (Yes I am ready to shoot myself). I have to go back to a tape backup of the / filesystem. Is there a way of restoring NIS+ without using the textfile approach? I have all the files on a dump I did of the unoperable filesystem and can easily move them. WOuld it be pssible to replace the NIS+ files with their newer versions?

I'm really need to get this system up and running!

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1 Solution
Do you have a NIS+ replica Server in your Network. If you have one, just make sure that the replica(s) is running while you are fixing up the NIS+ Master Server.

You can restore the NIS+ from the tape backup. (I hope that your NIS+ database is up-to-date in the tape).

Just boot up your system from CD, and restore the files from the tape.

PS: Please remember your NIS+ database is stored in /var/nis !!!

Print a copy of the following NIS+ FAQ, in case you needed.


Good luck!


bjs19Author Commented:
I don't have a replica NIS+ server.

I do have an up to date NIS+ backup

I have a backup of all the important files. It was mainly device files that became corrupted.

I have  a complete NIS+ backup.
Ok, in this case, you need to allow some intrruption of the network operations.

If you have a fullsystem backup, restore the  from the system backup (If the user's home is in a seperate partion, leave alone. You  only need to restore the OS partitions, eg, / /usr, /var etc). then restore the NIS+ backup.

In case you don't have a Full system backup. you need to manaully use pkgadd to install the packages you had removed from the Solaris Software CD. then restore NIS+ from backup. To fix up the corrupted device files. you can simply do:
touch /reconfigure

To force the system recreate the devices files for you.

To might have some trouble after restore NIS+, have a look at the FAQ, you can likely get an answer from the doc.

After you get your server up and rnning, have a think about create a replica NIS+ server, see the FAQ for instructions.


bjs19Author Commented:

I have the server up and running. Its an older backup. Evrything is fine except any users that were created since this backup aren't in NIS+. I have a seperate disk that is mounted with all of their home directories. I can find their UIDs and GIDs from the permissions on their home directories. I also have a tape backup of the root filesystem before I dumped the old backup to it. The NIS+ tables are on the tape. Which directories should I dump so I can  restore NIS+

P.S. -- I am definetly going to get some redunancy built into our SOlaris network. Unfortunetly my predeccesor didn't like to do things right. THis is on my list but I'm in the middle of building a win2K domain so i can lock down our PCs. (120 PCs in p2p workgroups is not fun to support)

Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it.
Good to hear that your Server is up again, that's fast then I though !!!

To biuld a NIS+ replica only take a few minutes, and it is very straight forward (as show in the FAQ).

I thinks you need to do regular backup. since the NIS+ database is not that big, you can write a script to dump it to a different box, in case you need it.


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