values for registry settings

MaxCachedFileSize: is it in KB or in bytes? in other words, if i want to set it to 1M, the value should be 1024 or 1048576?

MemCacheSize: the same, in MB or bytes? if i want to set it to 1GB, the value should be 1024 or 1073741824?

the MS docs i found arent very clear on it...
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KirillAuthor Commented:
found one document where it's in bytes...

unles someone can find opposite information - the question is closed
KirillAuthor Commented:
means: MaxCachedFileSize in bytes, MemCacheSize in MB
I agree.

MaxCachedFileSize: Controls the maximum size of cache files. The default is 256KB if no value is present.
MemCacheSize: Controls the size of the cache. Default value is approximately one half the available physical memory and is calibrated in megabytes.

From "Internet Information Services Documentation Update"
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