Help! Win98 install problem. Please respond ASAP!!!

Please don't ask details about how I've ended up to where I'm at now. I've got no time to explain.

I did a Win98se install from a genuine MS CD-ROM onto a system that had been upgraded from Win95 to Win98 with an upgrade disk. Instead of installing into the existing C:\Windows folder, I chose the given directory of C:\Windows.000 to copy my files into during the installation.

Now that I've completed the install, I've discovered that my links in my start menu are missing. No problem, I'll just copy the shortcuts over from my original C:\windows\start menu directory. Anyway, although the links are there, anytime that I select a program to open up, I'm told that there are missing DLLs and other files. Some programs ask me to reinstall the program. I really don't want to go through all that.

I'm wondering if I do a second Win98se reinstall, and select the C:\windows directory to install into. Would that fix my problems?
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that should fix your problem. but with windows you can never be too sure ...
yes that will fix your've installed to a different directory and that's your major problem.......what you need to do is the following .....I've pasted this from some info I had for winME but it's all relevant.....jsut follow the directions, and adjust them as necessary for 98....the end result will be that you have the system up and running with all your original stuff still in place.....

Install ME over the top of itself

install ME over the top of itself this will overwrite your current system files etc yet leave all your programs and other stuff in place....
insert your cdrom then boot with floppy
at the A:> prompt type in C: then hit enter....then 'surf' to your windoze folder by typeing in cd windows and hitting enter...(or cd winme or whatever the name of your windows folder is) then type in
ren win.old then hit enter
type in the letter of your windoze cdrom for example D: then hit enter
then 'surf' to the folder on the cd that has all the setup .cab files in it by typeing 'cd winme' for example
(cd for change directory) then type in 'setup'
this will start the setup
during setup you maybe asked by the system where you would like to install ME to.......and it may suggest for example windows.000 .....if it suggests any name different to the current windows folder hit the 'change directory' option then change the directory name to the current windows folder name.......then away you go.......


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reinstalling windows without reformatting the drive is a bad idea , especially with 95/98, tons of people end up with more screwed up systems then they began with like you.

backup everything ,format the drive and then install windows again

trust me it will be worth it , you can spend months tracing stuff that got messed up when you can spend 2 hours and be done with it and have a fresh install of windows
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Greetings, fsjcp2!
   You should uninstall the Windows 98 system files in the Windows.000 directory before reinstalling to the correct directory. The uninstall function should be right there in the Windows.000 folder. This way you will not a 25 MB directory left over that you cannot do anything with.
   Also, if you are using a full version of Windows 98, you should rename to win.old in the Windows directory first, like drcspy said. But you most likely can do so right from Windows, and not from DOS. At least try it first. It's easier. Then select setup in the CD-ROM and your are ready to go.
   Although you may not lost any data, always back up important data. You never know 100% what installing Windows will do.

Best wishes, war1
I have two suggestions guaranteed to work. Only question is whether "fsjcp2", gentleman having the problem, is willing to try either.

First option. Get acquainted with DISK PARTITIONING  software. System Commander or Partition Magic, either will get the job done. This way, you can create a totally new PRIMARY partition on the hard drive and install your Win98 there. Then just copy over your My Documents directories, and other files you have, to the newly installed Windows partition.  Sorry to say, you will have to reinstall your programs. If you're looking for a way out of this, I think you're just fooling yourself. It is one of the hellish traits of Windows. You must have been talking to Mac users. You could probably get away withOUT having to reinstall your programs if this were a Macintosh issue.

Second approach..... Go buy another hard drive. They are cheap. Disconnect the drive with all your files. I mean, pull the 4 pin power plug. U don't need to remove the nasty 40 conductor IDE cable. Then connect your new hard drive, boot from a Win98 startup floppy. If you don't have a Win98 startup floppy NOW, u better make one pronto. Then reinstall you Win98 to the new hard drive.

Shut down the machine, connect your old drive. If you put the two on the same IDE channel, the new drive must be pinned MASTER, and the old one SLAVE. If you put the old drive on the SECONDARY IDE channel, pin the old hard drive as MASTER. You will probably have a CD ROM/CDRW on the secondary IDE, and you never want a hard drive playing second fiddle to any OPTICAL DRIVE, meaning pin HD as MASTER, optical as SLAVE.
 When you have hard drives and CD/CDRW/DVD drives pared together on same IDE channel, BE ABSOLUTELY SURE the optical is SLAVE and hard drive is MASTER. Doesn't make any difference if it is the primary or secondary channel. Never forget this. Your HD won't boot othewise.

Either of these approaches probably won't suit you, but I know they will help fix your problem.
fsjcp2Author Commented:
Sorry it took so long to get back with you guys. My email was being auto-sorted to my junk-mailbox. Now that I've gotten that straightened out, I can follow up with what I had to do.

I went ahead and reinstalled the OS into the original c:\windows directory. I did suspect that I would have to reinstall the apps, but I was hoping that I wouldn't have to. Ultimately, I did have to reinstall the apps. That wasn't such a big deal, but certainly made the job more time consuming. At least I didn't have to reformat the drive and lose all the documents on it.

Oh well, the computer works great, and the client is thrilled to have a much speedier PC. Since she's my sister-in-law, I've now earned a prime rib dinner from her. :D
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Thanks, war1
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