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Where's the error in the code?

I use a form to select multiple addresses for the print of envelopes. For the indication of a customers address, I use KIDNR, which contains numbers and letters. I use now

Private Sub Umschaltfläche6_Click()
Dim Element As Variant
Dim Bedingung As String
Dim KIDNR As Variant

If Liste.ItemsSelected.Count = 0 Then Exit Sub

For Each Element In Liste.ItemsSelected

KIDNR = Liste.ItemData(Element)

Bedingung = Bedingung & _
"KIDNR= " & KIDNR & " OR "

Next Element

Bedingung = Left(Bedingung, Len(Bedingung) - 4)


DoCmd.OpenReport "Couvert spezVersand", acPreview, , Bedingung
DoCmd.Close acForm, "Couvert spezial Mehrfachauswahl", acSaveNo
End Sub

But this does not properly work. After choosing the addresses, I get a small pop-up where I have to put in KIDNR manually, after have this done, the report opens and all the chosen addresses appearing.  

Thank you

1 Solution
Are you sure that KIDNR is a part of the reports datasource.
KongtaAuthor Commented:
I guess. I use partly the same query in the form & report. If I put KIDNR in the field, that appears on the wrong code, it after works and the report opens the right addresses. I guess the error has something to do with numbers and letters. I copied the code from a query where only numbers are used. As I know, it needs little changes when using letters. I've made the changes I thought have to be done, but does not work.
if KIDNR is s TEXT value, then chnage your code like this:

Bedingung = Bedingung & _
"KIDNR= '" & KIDNR & "' OR "

and also:

Bedingung = Left(Bedingung, Len(Bedingung) - 5)

A Text field MUST be enclosed in quote marks ('....') otherwise Access will treat the value like a Number, and you will get a TYPE MISMATCH error.

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Does the query that feeds the report have a parameter in it?  Step through the data generation and you'll see it.
KongtaAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all

The answer from Arthur works. But only with the first code. When I used Bedingung=Left(Bedingung, Len(Bedingung) -5), it didn't react at all. Only for my better understanding; why you changed this code?

because I added an additional character:

"' OR "

which by my count is 5.

set a breakpoint on this line, and check what the real string is:

Bedingung=Left(Bedingung, Len(Bedingung) -5)

and adjust the (5) accordinly, to truncated the end of the string.


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