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vb- whats the best way for me to insert an appoinment ledger in a program

im a student trying to create a practice program for a doctors surgery and i want to be able to allow the user to insert information about appointments (written by hte administrator) in to a ledger so that the doctor could view this on a seperate form.
  i have been messing around with it for a little while and created a different frame for every day with textboxes for the administrator to insert data and have labels on the form where the doctor would be viewing the information on appointments.so i have declared each textbox individually and then transported the values to the labels.I also have to store them on a notepad file so that they can be viewed when the project is reopened.

there is probably a better way to perform this without all of this declarations that i have done.Could anyone advise me on how i should do this and if possible how to store the data from each textbox a little easier

many thanks in advance
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Where is that ledger stored in a normal file or any in a database?
student_helpAuthor Commented:
the ledger is on a normal form.its just a series of labels for the doctor to view the times.

should i use a udt to save the details or is there an easier way of storing the information from 150 text boxes?
could you pl. ellaborate more about your project. Also tell me how much comfortable are you with visula basic.
I dont really understand the need of having 150 textboxes !! Give me everything in detail. i will try to help you out.

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student_helpAuthor Commented:
ok-  i have been doing vb6(professional edt) for the past year as part of a course.

im creating a program for a doctors surgery and i would like to include an appointment book for ease of use to the doctor.I have four users, an administrator and 3 doctors

I have an appointment book on an administrators form  to enter booking times for patients.Then i have doctor forms that have labels that display the data(booking times) on their individual form

i have 10 text boxes for appointments per day for every doctor(3 doctors in total) and the surgery is open for 5 days so that means that i have 150 for the week.

i have already put the code so that the information transfers from the text boxes in the ledger book on the administrators form in to the labels on the doctors form for them to view.

i just need to be able to store all this information as easy as i can so that the information will not disappear when i shut down the program.i do not have an array of text boxes either so that will probably cause me some problems.

i was thinking of creating a udt and then installing a loop in attempt to save all the details but im not sure whether this will work or not.what would your advice be?

thanks for any help you can offer
I dont think you started this right, altogether. Though if you wanna stick to the same framework, here is the easiest way that you can have to store the information NOW :

- since you dont have the control arrays, you cant use loops.

But v can always use Collection object, add all the textbox controls into this collection. You will have to do it only once, at startup of the program.

Thereafter whenever you want to show the contents in other forms inside lable controls, or want to save it, you will have to run a for loop on this collection object and you will be able to iterate on all the textboxes and hence fetch their 'text' property.

This will save lot of effort.

student_helpAuthor Commented:
thanks very much for you help.believe me ive learned my lesson on this one!!!

thanks again
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