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I am using MySQL with Crystal Reports 9.0 using MySQL ODBC 3.51 driver.
I made a ODBC DSN with MySQL database.
While making a new report, it asks for database (in Database Expert window)
I selected New Connection -> ODBC -> Make New Connection
I selected proper DSN and supplied proper UserId, Password.
After this, <DSNName> came under New Connection -> ODBC
Now, on expanding this, it is showing me the databaseName, but on expanding the databaseName it doesn't show me the tableNames in that database.

But, if I use "Add Command" option under the databaseName and write query like "SELECT * FROM <tableName>", then in report design view it shows me the fieldNames of that table.

Where the problem lies, with MySQL ODBC Driver or with Crystal Reports ?

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fotxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can try with myODBC 2.5, it works with Crystal Report 9.
If you are using Crystal Reports 8.5 myODBC 3.51 has no problem
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