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Interbase client V6.0 faster then latest versions?

Hi experts!

I know that it is not good idea to ask a question about Interbase in this TA, but seems I'll get a best support here.

Recently I noticed that report preparation process of the same reports takes very different time on differnt client's computers. Explorations shows that they use different versions of IB client. After making some tests I noticed that the best timing can be achived with gds32.dll V6.0.1.0.

I build a test application and a database.
Database has a large table with next format

   ID_PRIMARYKEY integer,
   STR_DATA varchar(20),
   FLT_DATA numeric 12.4
   TS_DATA timestamp

Nothing unusual. It has 500,000 records.
Test application just calculates time of fetching  all records from that table. Something like this:

  Q.SQL.Add('select * from testtable');
  while not Q.EOF do


I ran different servers versions on different computers. Results doesn't depends from server version but very differ from gds32.dll version on client computer.

gds32.dll version is 4x (!!!!) times faster then

Can somebody explain me what I did wrong? I can't beleave that it is real situation. Seems I missed something?


PS: Can somebody repeat my tests? I will grade an additional points.

here is a collection of gds32.dll
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hi igor,

firsttime listening . . .
maybe at weekend i can do some tests,
if it is already needed until then

meikl ;-)
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hi meikl :-)
yes, would be nice. I would like to be sure that this situation not only in my town.

Hi meikl,

here is link to interbase TA where the same Q discussed.
As you see, this is not only my case. Seems Interbase did something very wrong.

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