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How to "target" two frames at a time?

I've a main page with these framesets:

<frameset rows=25%,*>
     <frameset cols=20%,*>
          <FRAME name="Spigolo" src="00.html" noresize>
          <FRAME name="Top" src="TM.html" noresize>
     <frameset cols=100,*>
          <FRAME name="Menu" src="LM.html" noresize>
          <frameset cols=50%,*>
               <frame name="SQ" src="SQ.html" noresize>
               <frame name="SH" src="SH.html" noresize>

The "Manu" frame is a sort of summary that contains "#" links for the SQ ans the SH frames.
The links are exatly the same for each frame, so when i click on a link on the Left frame, i need to go to the right "chapter" in both SQ and SH frames.

How can i do that?
1 Solution

   Check this out:

   Hopefully that helps.

Yeah, dorwards, right, that's the best way I've ever found, where you would have your normal <a href="url.htm">link</a>
use this instead

<a href="SQ_url.htm" target="SQ" onClick="top.SH.location='SH_url.htm';">link</a>

and that's it. Simple and effetive. In a word, Nice.

The only drawbacka, are that the user has to have a JavaScript enabled browser (not that unlikely) and the other is that when the user presses their browser's "back" button, they have to press it twice to get back to where they were when they clicked the link, but hey, I can live with that. The question is, can you...?

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fcpAuthor Commented:
Well, sorry for the delay on my feedback.
The Javascript is right, but zamwik focus on a drawback: the back button. To avoid this "double-back" thing, is it possible to make each frame "synchronize" the other?
I mean: when i click "Back" on the SQ frame, there's a way to put the SH frame at the same # point? This have to appens also when you press BACK also on the SH frame,
but the difficult i have with is that this starts a infinite "SH->SQ" "SQ->SH" updating. How to avoid this?

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fcpAuthor Commented:
I was waiting for a better answer. Technically dorward's answer is the best, the B grade is for the drawbacks.

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