Maxtor Hard Drives/Slaving Problem

I have two maxtor drives, one 20GB and the other 40GB, i have my XP on the 20GB and i want to slave the 40GB.

At the moment the system works with just the 20 in, but when i slave the other disk it registers that there are two hard disks then says "Detecting boot sequence on IDE-0....OK" or something, then the system goes blank and wont start.

What have i done wrong?

Also i have just instaled a new processor, motherboard, & modem, dont know if this makes any difference
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Make sure that the jumper settings are set correctly. Master for the 20 gig drive and slave for the 40 gig.
Make sure both are set to auto in the bios.
Check all cables are plugged in correctly to the ide controller.
If both hard disk's are on separate IDE controllers, set both hard disk's as masters, go into the BIOS and see if it finds them both.
col_jack_onealAuthor Commented:
the two hard disks are on the same ide controller, got a dvd drive on the second ide controller
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"Also i have just instaled a new processor, motherboard, & modem, dont know if this makes any difference"

I think this makes a big difference.

Apart from that, verify if your new MB uses CS or Master/Slave jumpering system for drive identification. If CS, you need to jumper both drives for CS and put master unit at end of IDE cable.

new motherboard???
is the motherboard using the same geometry to access the drives as it was in the prev motherboard..
were u using any drive overlay or boot manager software???
Ouch,,,if the IDE controllers and/or chipsets are different on the motherboards,,,the HAL in XP will have a fit. This is a no,,no...


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I guess better to skip Cable Select, always use manual master/slave configuration. That way you can put its behaviour under your control.
Set the 20GB as master, and 40GB as slave.
Oh, btw, if you use more than one partition, keep in mind that:
C = HDD 1 partition 1
D = HDD 2 partition 1
E = HDD 1 partition 2
F = HDD 2 partition 2
and so on

So, if you have driver set on D, then you better disable it and reinstall the driver. It could moved to E and windows is looking for it.
Personal Opinion...(still new in here :-)
I always am against uprgrading hardware and maintaining same OS, with "left overs" of the other hardware substituted, it can always bring you problems!

Want to make thing nice an clean, back up ur data, make all hardware conections, correctly, clean or format what ever, or depending on your operating system "fdisk" HDD OS target, and then install everything back step by step...

Answering your question, Maxtor HDD always had particular wird behaviors, regarding jumper configurations, if I am not wrong they always have 2 jumpers, in some ocasions their both needed.
Using them on same flat (the 20Gb) jumper it as Master, (the 40Gb) jumper it as slave, make sure ur using 80pin flat cable, the 40Gb migth need it!
Master hdd always stays and flat's edge conector, and slave at the midlle...

I usaly work this way, but... make sure you know what ur doing before use my indications!
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