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Convert to Valid Time Variable

I have the following function. It is supose to calculate time difference between a static time (that I pull from a database) and the current time.
Since I am pulling the statictime and writing it to the javascript it is a string and not a valid time. How can I convert the static time to a valid time?

Here is my current function with a sample time in it.

      function LoginTime()
        Theday = new Date();
        TheTime = Theday.getTime();
        LogInTime = "15:30:12";
        TheDesc.innerHTML="You have been logged in for aproximately " + parseInt((Theday-LogInTime)/1000);

The way that it is now, I get this result (TheDesc.innerHTML).....
"You have been logged in for aproximately NaN"
1 Solution
This should help:

<META NAME="GENERATOR" Content="Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0">
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=javascript>
function getTime(){
var datNow = new Date();
intMonth = datNow.getMonth() + 1;
intDay = datNow.getDate();
intYear = datNow.getFullYear();
strDateString = intMonth + "/" + intDay + "/" + intYear + " 15:30:12"
var datNewDate = new Date(strDateString)


<BODY onLoad=getTime()>


To get the number of minutes in my code, you would use:

var datDifference = (Date.parse(datNewDate) - Date.parse(datNow))*1000/360

Fritz the Blank
You should try to get the time directly in milliseconds. 15:30:12 is never parsed into a date or a number but a string. and that's why your code doesn't work. Instead try using...
TheTime = TheDate.getMilliseconds();
LoginTime = "283574";
...Convert the time to millisecond using a formatter when you get the time from the database in your server side code.
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ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
Try this:

 function LoginTime()
       TheTime = (new Date()).getTime()%(24*60*60*1000)/1000;
       LogInTime = "15:30:12".split(':');
       TheDesc.innerHTML="You have been logged in for aproximately " + parseInt(TheTime-LogInTime) + " seconds.";

<body onLoad="LoginTime()">
<div id=TheDesc></div>

swinslowAuthor Commented:
niteshn's answer was the closest and worked the best. To get the accurate time difference I had to use Milliseconds.

Here is exactly what I ended up with.
It is a combination of ASP VBScript and the Javascript..

WhenLoggedIn = Request.Cookies("TechCC")("TheDate") & " " &  Request.Cookies("TechCC")("LogInTime")
        WhenLoggedIn = FormatDateTime(WhenLoggedIn,0)
        MilliSince = ((DateDiff("s","01/01/1970 00:00:00",WhenLoggedIn)) * 1000) + (28800*1000)
'(28800*1000) is to compensate for GMT (-8 hrs)
function LoginTime()
        Theday = new Date();
        TheTime = Theday.getTime();
        LogInTime = <%=MilliSince%>;
        TheDiff = parseFloat(Theday-LogInTime)/1000
        TheSeconds = parseInt(TheDiff%60)
        TheMinutes = parseInt(TheDiff%3600/60)
        TheHours = parseInt(TheDiff/3600)
        TheDesc.innerHTML = "You have been logged in for aproximately "
                            + "<br>" + TheHours + " Hours "
                            + "<br>" + TheMinutes + " Minutes "
                            + "<br>" + TheSeconds + " Seconds ";
That's what the Date.parse() will do for you.

Fritz the Blank

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