Error 983 Partition Magic 8.0 in Windows XP home

I tried making partitions using Partition Magic 8.0, but every time it results in an error.
error 983: too many errors found, process halted
The file system I'm using is NTFS.
So, is there some way to change the partition to FAT32 without formatting? Or, is there any other programs that you suggest?
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First do this

Start > Run chkdsk /r

Now see if Partion Magic will work
XP has a built in converter it is command line utility.

Converts FAT volumes to NTFS.

CONVERT volume /FS:NTFS [/V]

  volume      Specifies the drive letter (followed by a colon),
              mount point, or volume name.
  /FS:NTFS    Specifies that the volume to be converted to NTFS.
  /V          Specifies that Convert should be run in verbose mode.
Here is what Power Quests says about that error

Solution: Error 983 Too many errors found, process halted.

Cause 1: This error can be caused by file system errors on the partition Solution 1: Run a scandisk or chkdsk /f on the partitions.
Cause 2: This error can also be caused by multiple partition table errors. Solution 2: If any of the above solutions do not apply, run PartitionInfo . (For information on using PARTINFO, see PowerQuest Solution PR94, "Running a PartitionInfo.")
and send the report to PowerQuest technical support.
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mis_pikaAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the suggestion. However, that is not the answer that i'm looking for.
I have already tried all your suggestions before i send this question, but the result that i get is still the same (Error 983). From PARTINFO, it give no error.
Also, My file system is already in NTFS and i want to make partition on that system. My HD is 60 GB. From that, i want to make 30GB for using WindowsXp with NTFS file system, 20 GB for storage with FAT32 file system, and 10 GB for linux.
Right now, i'm using Partition Magic 8.0 and the result that i get is Error 983 Too many errors found, process halted.
I don't know what to tell you. Those errors indicate that there is a problme with the file system.

When you ran Start > Run chkdsk /r did find any problems that where not fixable?
mis_pikaAuthor Commented:
no, it doesn't show any error on it. Also, my computer is a brand new computer.
Secondly, create PM's DOS boot disks, boot those,
and try the operation from there.

I was having the same problem a few days back.  I bought a new laptop computer with a 30GB drive & XP.  Every time I tried to resize C: to make room for another partition (using Partition Magic 8) I got the Error 983 message.

I ended up giving it a try with the boot disks (Same as Dave's recommendation), and I got it to work.  While the large single partition was being resized I recieved a "bad cluster" error.  I just clicked the option to fix the cluster, and after that everything went smoothly.

Hope this helps.


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mis_pikaAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot buddy....
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