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Different types of ata interface?

whats the difference between "Ultra ATA", "SATA", and "PATA"?
What is better?
this is the product im looking at.
will it work in my computer?
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PATA and Ultra ATA is pretty much the same.

PATA means Parallel ATA, the old standard 40pin ribbon cables.  It's a standard that has been in use since the days of the original AT.
Ultra ATA is a form of PATA, of which there are 4 types: Ultra ATA 33, 66, 100 and 133.  Each is progressivly faster in it's maximum theorietical transfer rate.
SATA is Serial ATA, a new form of connecting to the hard drive.  It uses much thinner and smaller cables, and is designed to go far faster.  the current incarnation goes to 150MB/s theoretically.

Whether the hard drive u're looking at will work with your computer depends on whether your computer supports SATA or Parallel interfaces, and whether or not your hard drive is SATA or Parallel ATA.  Both have to match obviously.

Look up hardware sites like Anandtech or Arstechnica for more information.

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