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Odd NT 4 Printing problem, PRETTY PLEASE HELP!


Running an NT 4.0 Domain.  Users are running into
intermittent problems with printing from network shares.  

It seems that when they try to submit print jobs from
files saved on certain shares they come off as blank pages, but after copying the file to an alternate location (another share, local HDD, diskette, etc) they are able to print fine.

The server has been re-installed from scratch but the problem is still ongoing.

I am able to print these documents the users have trouble with fine from my computer (i'm a domain admin), although adding the users to the domain admin group doesn't fix the problem, but get blank pages printing from their machine as well.  Giving explicit rights assignment to the files, rather than giving group rights & adding the users to the group doesn't help either.

Have also tried giving users local admin rights to no avail.

I have tried re-installing the service pack on the workstation I have been testing this with, as well as reinstalling the word processing app.

Has anyone run into this before?  The users have full control of the shares & files they're having problems printing from, so it's not a rights issue.  Most of the printing is being done with Corel Wordperfect 8.

Thanks for any help,
1 Solution
Yikes, that's a hard one. You said you had no trouble printing the docs. Was this from the users workstation?
Are you printing through a network queue?
How about the network share name, is it longer that 11 characters? Does it contain any spaces? Upper and lower case characters?
Is it just WP docs you're having problems with?
Have you tried updating the printer driver?
If the printer supports it, try an postscript driver versus an PCL5/6 driver.


If you don't mind me asking. You mentioned that this/these are network printers.  If this is correct the start by looking at the network print devices.

What kind of printers / print devices are they?

I know from past experience Emulex cards/external boxes would have similar problems with older HP's 4Si, and the Lexmark's.
cbeatonAuthor Commented:
Hey Folks,

I'm starting to think that Corel WordPerfect is the cause of this problem.  After fooling around with a few different versions of WP we managed to fix one workstation, going to see if we can duplicate on others.

The printers are HP printers, ranging from HP LaserJet 4, to LaserJet 4100.  All are laserjet printers, & all are using jetdirect cards, either internal or external.

I was only able to print the document from my own workstation, which appears to be a slightly different version of WP, which is what started the trying different service packs & versions.

The print queue names contain no spaces and are typically 8 characters long (eg: DH02F251).

Thank you very much for the response folks, I hope it is WP that is the problem, but I will come back & add an update later today.  Appreciate your help.
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cbeatonAuthor Commented:
PS: Yeah we tried a bunch of different print drivers, for various styles of printers, & none helped, I really hope it's a WP thing, because if not i'm out of ideas.

The queue names will would be all capital letters & contain numbers.

As a last result you could always map the LPT Port to a printer using the net use command.

Word perfect has always been a dos based program with a pretty face...  Kinda like that girl after 10 or 12 beers!

But seriousll.

Net use lpt1 \domain\printserver\printer

At least I think that's the way it is I really can not remember.  But very much the same problem with Prople Soft and a few others.

Just in case the WP Versions are not the issue.

cbeatonAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the responses you two.  I appreciate you lending a hand.

We've nailed down the trouble, finally.

It IS wordperfect (suprise, surprise) that's causing the problem.  With several versions of wordperfect it incorrectly set the page binding for two sided printing (these print jobs aren't two sided, but seems to be the problem anyways).

I still haven't figured out why it only happens when printing off the network, but now that we've got the fix nailed down that's not so important.

cbeatonAuthor Commented:
LOL, Thanks Dino,

I've run into that same issue elsewhere with other apps,  but unfortunately, that's not the problem in this case.

PS: If you ever run into anything similar, go to:
Two Sided Printing
Shift Image for Binding --  Check to ensure this setting is set to 0", the machines we had issues with were set to 27.##"

G'luck Folks, Thanks again for your help!
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