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Up to the minute data

Im trying to accomplish something in pretty much any language with a preference for perl, php, javascript.

I have an admin section to a web site that, if the super-admin (or just 'admin') is logged on through the web page, is notified via javascript alert (for now, will likely change to something less irritating) when visitors do certain things on the page. This must be fairly quick and accurate.

For example: if the admin is on and another administrator logs on, the first admin should be notified. If another administrator deletes a file, the admin should be notified. Etc.
The admin should be notified, basically within seconds, of other sensitive actions the other administrators are taking.

Does this make sense?
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GisuaneAuthor Commented:
This same thing will probably be used to allow administrators to send messages to eachother in real-time, if that helps any...

I'll be willing to increase the point value of this for speedy responses, code samples (preference, again, for php/javascript) etc.
Two solutions immediately spring to mind.

1. Have an IFRAME on your page for displayng alerts/messages whatever.  The IFRAME could then refresh however often you want and display the most recent x number of alerts.

2. Have an applet that displays the alerts, the advantage here is that it can be made to refresh much more often without performance problems, and also could include the chat functionality.  The disadvantage being that it is an applet (much more coding).

Either way I would use a small database that these alerts would be passed into by whatever action causes them.

A third solution would be to create a client for your admins to access the site through that ould perform the saem way as the applet, but without the download time each use.

Despite my laothing of them I would say applets are the best choice though, especially with the real time element you are looking for.
Either that (a Java applet) or perhaps a rich client application coded in C, C++, or .NET perhaps.

Web pages aren't really suited to this kind of functionality in general, and definitely not PHP or JavaScript since they are scripting languages - server-side and client-side respectively, but still scripting languages.

I would definitely either go with a Java Applet or a Windows App - either that or you will just have to settle for having your page (or a frame) refresh over and over to request new information from the server...

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