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Changing IP address


I have solaris machine and windows 2000 domain network
Solaris machine is right now stand alone and we have 10 computers running window and they are in network.

IP address of solaris machine is

Our windows network internal IP address is : 192.168.0.X

I want to change IP address of solaris machine to and subnet mask to My intention is I want to ftp solaris machine as well I want to then install browser one can go to web rom solaris machine.

Can some one give me idea

1) how I change the IP addresss and subnet mask of of solaris machine
2) From where I can downlaod internet browser either IE or netscape ?

1 Solution
1: The following files need to be changed to reflect your ip address change:

/etc/inet/hosts (change the ip address associated with your hostname)

/etc/inet/netmasks (per example)

You'll probably need to also change /etc/defaultrouter to reflect the new gateway address.

2:  Netscape is available at:



filename is communicator-v48-us.sparc-sun-solaris2.8.tar.gz
The above changes would require a reboot to take effect.
To do it without rebooting, although you will still have to change the files to take effect after a reboot.
Assuming the IP address is on hme0
ifconfig hme0 down
ifconfig hme0 netmask
ifconfig hme0 up
If your network address is hme0 than
ifconfig hme0 down
ifconfig hme0 netmask
ifconfig hme0 up

or replace (hme0) to your NIC address

You can also change ip address by admintool,
browse --> hosts --> new address.

you can download all softwares from www.sunfreeware.com


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