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Query regarding Notes C API method: RegNewUser

The Notes C API Method RegNewUser (for release R 5.0.7) used for registering users is failing in R6 environment. (An application developed in R5 is running on an R6 server).

The users are not getting registered, the method returns NOERROR (One of the pre-defined outputs).
This however does not happen in R5.

Any idea why this might be happening? Has anyone had any experience of 5 0 7 API not working in R6?

Please suggest.



2 Solutions
As per my knowledge, Code in R5 doesnot work in R6 normally. You have to test it before migrating to R6. THis is the case of LS and Formula too. Check Documentation on new NotesAPI available from notes.net for R6.

You can never assume that app will work in new version. We run vigorous test before approving the upgrade. Our R6 rollout is scheduled last qtr of this year and it is not sure yet.

domiknowAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the general tip!

Has anyone/you used RegNewUser/any other method on a server running on R601?Any specific API method for 507 not working on 601?

An API with an earlier version (502) is working on R601.

NOERROR is supposed to represent success, so it sounds as if your code is neing told that it worked correctly.

I have used two related API functions, REGGetIDInfoSTRING and REGGetIDInfoBOOL, with no problems going from R5 to R6.

I have seen some compatbility problems where R5 was more lax in allowing "bad" values passed to the API.  R6 is stronger.  So I would first look to see if your vode is really working according to the API rules.

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