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aaarrrggghh - c# urgent help needed

hey all, im trying to build a database driven bulletin board in c#, and i really need some help here. I am using access and visual studio.NET. all i want to do is copy the primary key value from the dbase to another column. the primary key is an int, but i need to convert to a string so i can rowfilter it into a dataview and display it in a datatable. so far i have 4 pages, 1- topics, 2-posts, 3-Newtopics and 4-replies.
in the dbase i have two tables in the dbase, topics and replies. on page 1 i have 1 datagrid showing all of the topics and i am using the edit function as a view button to get the primary key and pass to page 2 with a session variable. page 2 has 2 datagrids, where the replies are rowfiltered in a dataview on a datagrid. i am trying to get the second datagrid to show only the topic that was selected from page 1. here is the problem, also on page 1 there is a button to add a new topic, which takes you to page 3, now, on page 3 when i add a topic and post it i need to copy the primary key to another column called TopicID (STRING)to enable me to filter for the view in page 2.
maybe this is the completely wrong way to go about it, but i have discovered that the rowfilter will only accept a string to sort by, this is why TopicID is a string.

2 Solutions
If I remember correctly, you should be able to use number....

seesharpAuthor Commented:
its ok, i have sorted it out now, thx
now my problem is depoloyement as i am using an access dbase, i dont know how to run the app remotely from another server.
You will have to adress the .mdb file over a network share if you want to keep your mdb on a remote server.

Access is not a server, so it doesn't listen on a port to connect to remotely. You will have to find a way to access the file, either over network, or move the database to the server the application is running on.

If you are accessing the file over a network share you will have to keep NTFS security in mind, the user the app runs under _must_ have read/write rights on the mdb-file AND write rights on the parent dir to be able to write the lockfile

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