multi dimensional arrays

i have written a function, that is stores numbers in a 2 dimensional array and i want to return this array to the main, but i don't know what type to specify the function as, i have tried typedef and 2 dimensional arrays, but the compiler gives error messages and it still doesn't work. could anyone help out please.
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Mayank SAssociate Director - Product EngineeringCommented:
Since you're using the term 'function' and also talking about main (), I will assume that you're working with C/C++.

You can use char ** (as many *'s as the dimension of the array). However, it is not very advisable because in case you are returning a local 2-Dimensional array (local to the function, I mean), then by the time you are back in main (), the memory for that array has already been deallocated (since after function-execution, the memory for all its local variables gets deallocated). So in main (), your pointer-to-a-pointer (which will receive the 2-D array), will effectively be pointing to garbage. Remember, you cannot hold the returned address in an array because you cannot attempt to change the base address of an array. You can only hold returned addresses in pointer variables.

It is better to pass the 2-D array as an argument, since an array is always passed by address, and so, any modifications made to it in the function are permanent, and so, you don't even need to return anything.

Something like:

void function ( int array[][10], int size )
  .. // do your stuff

} // end of function ()

void main ()
  int a[5][10] ;
  function ( a, 5 ) ; // function-call

} // end of main ()

Hope that helps!


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