How to remove Shared Memory With key 0x00000000

I am creating shared memory on linux 8
But when i type ipcs -m i saw four sm with key 0x00000000,nattach 2.
When i try to remove this with ipcrm -m <shmid> they are not deleted.
as again when i type ipcs -m they appear.
Please help me to remove the shared mem.
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A guess: Just shut down your gnome.session and it will go away:-).

Here's an example from my box (sorry for the swedish locale;)
[glenn@apmx01 glenn]$ ipcs -m

------ Delade minnessegment --------
nyckel     shmid      ägare     rättigh   byte       anttill    status      
0x00000000 65536      glenn     600        196608     2          mål        
0x00000000 98305      glenn     600        196608     2          mål        
0x00000000 229380     glenn     600        196608     2          mål        
0x00000000 262149     glenn     600        196608     2          mål        
0x00000000 294918     glenn     600        196608     2          mål        
0x00000000 327687     glenn     600        196608     2          mål        
0x00000000 4325384    glenn     600        196608     2          mål        

[glenn@apmx01 glenn]$ ipcs -mp

------ Skapare/Senaste operation på delat minne --------
shmid      ägare     cpid       lpid      
65536      glenn      750        893      
98305      glenn      863        746      
229380     glenn      884        746      
262149     glenn      894        746      
294918     glenn      888        896      
327687     glenn      886        746      
4325384    glenn      975        746      

[glenn@apmx01 glenn]$ ps -p 750,863,884,894,888,886,975,893,746,896
  PID TTY          TIME CMD
  746 ?        00:00:12 Xvnc
  750 ?        00:00:00 gnome-session
  863 ?        00:00:01 gnome-settings-
  884 ?        00:00:00 magicdev
  886 ?        00:00:04 gnome-panel
  888 ?        00:00:00 gnome-terminal
  894 ?        00:00:00 pam-panel-icon
  896 pts/0    00:00:00 bash
  975 ?        00:00:00 rep
[glenn@apmx01 glenn]$

So in this case it is gnome.session that have created the shm... I'm not sure you want  to remove that.

-- Glenn

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-- Glenn
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use <ipcrm - M (key of shared memory)>
ipcrm -M 0x0100005f
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