How Do I assign permisssions

I have users who are not logged on under the domain and who still want access to a network drive, how do i stop them being prompted for a user name and password to the network share when they are signed in as LOCAL MACHINE\USER   not   DOMAIN\USER i have not set any permissions on the network share but how do i give these users access without them logging on as DOMAIN\USER?

This is basic and ive been reprimanded for my foolisheness.... any help for the logically challenged??????

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There's no reason for you to have been reprimanded, because this simply isn't possible. If the user is not logged on to the domain, and then try to access domain-hosted network resources, they WILL have to log on to the domain at that point--no ifs, no buts.
I also have the most likely case as before (for AD server + W2K standalone PC), I hope it can help you

The solution:
Create one same account name with same password in both sides of workstation (local account) & server (domain account). The network share folder is given the permission for that domain user account.

(For Physical map driver) At the first time you still need to map the drive for that folder to entry username & password into pop's up dialog, then the computer will auto record it to let you directly map drive with no authorization in next time after restart.

(P.S. different name & different password will not work)


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Enable the guest account on the server that hosts the network drive.
the BETTER solution would be to make these machines members of the domain:  this would allow you to administer them more thoroughly, and, if done correctly, should not prevent them from doing anything.

-Steven Yarnot
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