slow network through routers, latency issue?

My current setup is internet-->nexland isbpro800--->desktop computers and netgear rp114--->desktop computers.

The issue is with the computers connected to the netgear router.  Their dnload speed off the internet is pretty much equal with the computers connected to the nexland router (for large files).  For web browsing or dnloading multiple small files there seems to be a latency issue because things crawl at about 1/4 the speed.  I disconnected the computers from the netgear and plugged them into the nexland and the issue was resolved.

Both routers are dhcp servers.  Firewalls are active on both routers.

I'm at my wits end, HELP!
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guerriero33tConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Things are going to be slower when you have to go through two firewalls instead of one. More small packets means that the firewalls have to examine more TCP headers, so the connection will be slower.
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