"Sync Data Transfer" Box Not in IDE DVD-ROM Properties, How to enable?

I am using the default Windows 2000 driver for a DVD-ROM drive. I am sure the drive is running with DMA, but I have seen information that many DVD-ROMs also have a "sync data transfer" option and that it is wise to select it. Properties for the default driver do not show this option. If the properties dialog doesn't allow me to select this feature, how otherwise can I enable it? Is it really a good idea to enable this?
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Did you look under the Ide ATA?ATAPI contollers node? Double click on the IDE channel that the device is on and then Click on the Advanced Settings tab.

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Accepted Answer from j2      09/01/1997 10:23PM PST
FIrst of all, the 2 first only applies to SCSI units,

Disconnect means that the unit (theoretically) can be disconnected from the SCSI bus and later reconnected.

Sync Data Transfer is Syncronous data transfer, a slover method of tranferin data.

DMA is Direct memory access, ie utilizing a DMA channel to reduce CPU load and in some instances increase performance.

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wmartinsAuthor Commented:
Thanks, CrazyOne. I had thought that maybe sdt only applied to SCSI devices, and I did find information on the 'Net that confirmed this.
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