Using VB in Outlook??


my question is:
I need to create a 2 page form in Outlook, where people can make their suggestions about some topic(in the first page in the form) and after one person is made his/hers suggestiond another person must comment it(in the second page in the form), and the made suggestion must apper in the second page also. People can make 0 up to ... suggestions about every topic.
So how can I make the suggestion makeing?
I thought that I'll make the CommandButton with VB Script - the user bushes the button and new TextField appears. But my knowlegde in VB programming isn't so good, that I can make that kindof script. Can anybody help? Or have some other ideas?
I need some help, pealse:)

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Hi Piller,

I recently helped develop a CRM app in Outlook.  The following site I found to be very useful -

You will probably need to write to a database to get centeralized storage of the comments (unless everyone uses the same instance of Outlook).

I would also suggest that the comments could be implemented as notes.  A list of the relevant notes could then be presented in a listbox.  When you click on an item in the list box it then opens the relevant note.


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You might consider making this an eMail alternative. The message can be forwarded from one to another. Rules can be made for what to forward from who to who, and tacking progress can be enabled. I cannot say how to do this for you, but if you want to pursue development, here's about the best resource I've seen, check it out:

"Programming Outlook and Exchange"
by Thomas Rizzo

He gives many programming examples for performing these types of operations, maybe a few that you'll find useful.
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