Unknown Software Exception

Need some help here:
I have a large project in Delphi 5 which was working fine until this week.
When i start compiled project (.exe file) on my computer everything
seems to be fine, but the problem is when this file is started on
ANY OTHER pc. the first error message i receive is:
"The exception unknown software exception (0x0eedfade) occured in the application at location 0x77e89b01." ; After i press OK button, the second message appears:
"Runtime error 217 at 0005ABB9".
Anybody have idea where is the problem.
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what kind of program (console, db access etc.)?
what OS you have on pc's? on win95 there is size limitation of exe.
also check that you have all required files (and versions) on user pc.


perhaps this link will help you:

LjuboMirAuthor Commented:
I'we been there yesterday,
but it did'nt help.
Thanks anyway.

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to help u u must send some code!!

but like a hint read this

posible run-time errors under 200

These errors always immediately terminate the program.

In applications that use the SysUtils unit (as most GUI applications do), these errors are mapped to exceptions. For a description of the conditions that produce each error, see the documentation for the exception.

Number     Name     Exception
200     Division by zero     EDivByZero
201     Range check error     ERangeError
202     Stack overflow     EStackOverflow
203     Heap overflow error     EOutOfMemory
204     Invalid pointer operation     EInvalidPointer
205     Floating point overflow     EOverflow
206     Floating point underflow     EUnderflow
207     Invalid floating point operation     EInvalidOp
210     Abstract Method Error     EAbstractError
In CLX, this can’t be mapped to an exception. Program terminates.
215     Arithmetic overflow (integer only)     EIntOverflow
216     Access violation     EAccessViolation
217     Control-C     EControlC
218     Privileged instruction     EPrivilege
219     Invalid typecast     EInvalidCast
220     Invalid variant typecast     EVariantError
221     Invalid variant operation     EVariantError
222     No variant method call dispatcher     EVariantError
223     Cannot create variant array     EVariantError
224     Variant does not contain array     EVariantError
225     Variant array bounds error     EVariantError
226     TLS initialization error     No exception to map to.
227     Assertion failed     EAssertionFailed
228     Interface Cast Error     EIntfCastError
229     Safecall error     ESafecallException
230     Unhandled exception     No exception to map to.
231     Too many nested exceptions     Up to 16 permitted.
232     Fatal signal raised on a non-Delphi thread     No exception to map to.


EControlC is raised when the application is interrupted by the user.

On Windows, a user interrupt can only occur in console applications, when the user presses Ctrl+C.
     On Linux, EControlC is raised when the program receives a TERM (15) signal. The TERM signal can be generated by the user typing the interrupt character (normally Ctrl+C) or by another program using the signal system call.

Run-time exception information is saved in fields provided by EExternal.


so i cen see how u cen have a 217 runtime error this
Please check following setting:
1) When initializing, if the project need read key info from registry. You should write the key info into other pc.
2) If your project needed the support of BDE db alias. Please determine if there is the same db alias of BDE on other pc.
I estimate first condition is more possible. Good luck.

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LjuboMirAuthor Commented:
Yes merry prince,
that was the problem (1).
Good thinking :)
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