High number of WINS query failures.

I have a 2 segment NT network with WINS servers running on each segment.
On one segment the WINS failures are almost 30%, while on the other segment the failures are approximately 10%.

I unsure of how to troubleshoot this problem.  What's the best way to find out what queries are failing and why?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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do you have WINS replication enabled?

alternately, I would look at moving to a single WINS server (if it's feasible). sounds to me like people are querying WINS looking for machines that are only registered in the *other* WINS server...
Do you routers on your network?  Well you probably do...  Do they forward WINS broadcasts? Might need a wins proxy if this is the case...
tekneticsAuthor Commented:
WINS replication is enabled and functioning correctly.  At least there are no WINS errors in the event log on either system.

The 2 servers are on opposite sides of the country (Vancouver/Toronto) and are linked by a hardware VPN.

What I am looking for is hints on how to find out what queries are failing.
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Ahhh...well, I'm pretty sure that WINS doesn't record anywhere what the failed query was actually for. If you left a packet sniffer running, that would do it, but that may be overkill.

Remember that WINS could get used anytime anyone tries to connect to any other computer...so if they mis-type a name - boom - failed WINS query...also, WINS could eventually get queried for failed DNS lookups - so if someone mistyped a URL, that could theoretically cause a failed WINS query once DNS fails..these are just some ideas.

Unless you think that the failed queries are really impacting the WINS server performance, I wouldn't worry about it too much. If you really want to know, I would start network monitor logging during peak times and look in the logs for communication with the WINS server.



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Only for be sure, each WINS servers must have its primary and secondary WINS server to itself on tcpip properties, no each other.
to add to what everyone here is saying, you can try the microsoft wins troubleshooter. maybe it will help.

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