installing more than 956 fonts in win98se

I have already 956 fonts in my win98se. If I try installing more, different fonts the machine says "too many fonts installed". Now is there a limitation to the number of fonts installed in  a machine? Please help me to install more fonts without uninstalling the existing fonts.
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CrazyOneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>>too many fonts installed

It has more to do with the registry then anything else and other then shortening the name of the fonts and making sure that they are installed in Win98's default font folder and not in some other folder then there isn't much you can do.;en-us;Q131943


TrueType Font Limits in Windows 95/98/Me (Q131943)
The information in this article applies to:

Microsoft Windows 95
Microsoft Windows 98
Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition

You can install a maximum of approximately 1000 TrueType fonts in Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Millennium. The exact number of TrueType fonts you can install varies, and depends on the length of the TrueType font names and file names.

Installed TrueType fonts are listed in the registry and in the Graphics Device Interface (GDI).

The Registry
All font files are registered under a single key in the registry, and a registry key cannot exceed 64 KB in Windows 95. If font names average 20 characters in length and font file names average 10 characters in length, the maximum number of TrueType fonts you can install falls between 1000 and 1500.

If a TrueType font file is located in a folder other than the Fonts or the System folder, the full path to the font is included in the registry, using up more space in the key and reducing the number of fonts you can install.
The GDI contains an internal list of fonts, with 10 KB reserved for font file names. If font file names average 10 characters in length, the maximum number of TrueType fonts you can install is approximately 1000.

You can use all installed TrueType fonts simultaneously and you can print them in the same document.

Note that the Windows 95 Resource Kit incorrectly states that there is no limit to the number of TrueType fonts you can install in Windows 95 and Windows 98.

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The Crazy One
I can't imagine that you actually would ever use even 10% of those fonts.

I have somewhere in the region of 87 fonts which have been installed by Windows, Office Applications, Graphics Programmes, and a few good unique ones I have installed myself.  These give an excellent range of styles for graphic art, desktop publishing, and everything else which could be thrown at me.

While it is foolhardy to delete fonts without knowing which applications use them for dialogue boxes, menus etc, I would personally compare those which I had installed myself, and remove those which are almost identical.  I'll bet you that only about 20% (and I think that's an over estimate) of yours are distinguishable as unique to your whole set of fonts.
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