$_GET["action"] or $_POST["action"]?????

Posted on 2003-03-21
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-13
I am using $_GET["action"] and $_POST["action"] in my code. When i run this code on linux(my site web server) there is no error. But when I run the same code on my local machine Windows 2000 Server it gives the error
"Notice: Undefined index: action in E:\Work\admin\index.php on line 4"
And when i use
then there is no error.
What is this and how can i avoid this?

Question by:Muhammad Wasif
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Expert Comment

ID: 8185704

You probably need to wrap your statements in isset().  For instance,

if (isset($_GET["action"]))
  echo $_GET["action"];

This is good coding practise and will prevent the errors you're seeing.  Without your actual code, I can't help you much more than this.

LVL 20

Author Comment

by:Muhammad Wasif
ID: 8185786

if ($_GET["REQ"] == "auth")

     if (!isset($_SESSION["adm_ident"])){
          $_SESSION["admin_login"] = $_POST["login"];
          $_SESSION["admin_pass"] = $_POST["pass"];
      // Selecting admin's login&password from db
     $r=mysql_query("select * from $tb_admins where Login='$_SESSION[admin_login]'") or die ("mySQL error!");

     // If login and password are correct ...
     if (($f["Login"] == $_SESSION["admin_login"]) and ($f["Password"] == $_SESSION["admin_pass"]) and (mysql_numrows($r) == '1'))
          //do something
     session_start();session_unset(); session_destroy();
<table cellpadding=1 cellspacing=1 border=0 align="center">
     <form name=login action=index.php?REQ=auth method=post>
     <tr><td><font face=verdana size=1 color=000000>Login:</font></td><td><input type=text name=login size=50 maxlength=100 style="COLOR: 000000; FONT-SIZE: 11px"></td></tr>
     <tr><td><font face=verdana size=1 color=000000>Password:</font></td><td><input type=password name=pass size=50 maxlength=100 style="COLOR: 000000; FONT-SIZE: 11px"></td></tr>
     <tr><td align=center colspan="2"><input type=hidden name=first value="testyes"><input type=submit value="Enter" name="inbut"></td></tr>

Accepted Solution

bobsledbob earned 80 total points
ID: 8187253

I don't see where you're specifically using $_GET["action"] or $_POST["action"] as you've described in your original question.  Are you just generically describing your use of $_GET and $_POST throughout your code?

I'm thinking for instance that this line will give you trouble:

if ($_GET["REQ"] == "auth")

In general, you should either initialize variables you are going to use (before doing comparisons on them), or at least be sure to wrap them in isset()

if (isset($_GET["REQ"]) && $_GET["REQ"] == "auth")

Here's a couple of more lines that might get you in trouble:

$_SESSION["admin_login"] = $_POST["login"];
$_SESSION["admin_pass"] = $_POST["pass"];

Don't you think you should probably at least validate these a little, to be sure they're in appropriate form?


if (! isset($_POST["login"]) || strlen($_POST["login"]) < 3)
  die ("You must supply a valid login name.");
if (! isset($_POST["login"]) || strlen($_POST["pass"]) < 8)
  die ("Invalid password.");

The point is twofold:

1)  Don't trust input from users.
2)  Always check to make sure that input you're expecting has actually been provided.

LVL 20

Author Comment

by:Muhammad Wasif
ID: 8195348
Thanx bob


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