Internet Service Provider


Anyone can explain what is the difference between "MOBILE Internet Service Provider" and "Internet Service Provider" ?

What is the technology used by Mobile internet service provider?

Any resource documentation?

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mobile isp is a service for things such as a laptop. You can get a card from sprint for example and plug it into your laptop and you have access where ever you go. It uses satelites to accomplish this. This is in 56k up to broad band.
Ok. well lets start be defining Mobile ISP. In the mobile market these days 2.5G, (digital network) you have 2 major ways of connecting to the internet, you have CSD (Circut Switch Data) and GPRS (General Packet Radius Server).

CSD which runs at around 9600 k/bits,  is like a common phone line connection, you use up your mobile phones line to connect to an internet provider (the same ones as your standard phone line providers)

GPRS which is dependent on your handset (GPRS 3+1 is an example) this whould stand for 3 lines used to download one to upload,  each gprs line is around 11000 k/bits (you do the maths)

With GPRS usually the mobile provider is also your internet provider, as the gprs connects directly to their gateway server.

with the advent of 3G networks speed will increase and also will the options.

Sat phones, are similar to CSD, as they use the one line, but speeds may vary.

Also with CDMA phone networks you also have 2 options to connect currently in the 2.5G world.
Standard CDMA Data, which is similar to CSD but has a speed of around 40400 k/bits again usedto connect to a normal ISP.
You also now have 1xRTT CDMA which runs at aprox 144k/bits, and is similar to GPRS.

All these services are used with a mobile phone and a PDA or laptop (usually via a IR, cable or Bluetooth connection)


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