Toolbar & Menu in SDI app

I have an explorer-style SDI app and would like to make use of the CUT/COPY/PASTE functionality found in the toolbar and menu.

Currently all these buttons are disabled and frankly I don't know how to activate and control them.

Additionally I would like to change both the toolbar buttons and the menu cut/copy/paste buttons with one function - rather than doing it twice (for the toolbar and the menu).

Thank you.
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williamcampbellConnect With a Mentor Commented:

 You will need to add Command Handlers for the 3 menus items.
 Open Class Wizard
 Choose CMainFrame in 'ClassName'
 In Object ID"s Choose ID_EDIT_COPY
 In Messages Double Click Command
 Double Click Update_Command_UI

 In Update Command UI
 pCmdUI->Enable ( TRUE );

 Do the same for each

 Recompile. They should now be enabled in menu and toolbar.
FlorianJaegerAuthor Commented:
Thanks William, that worked great. I have another puzzle coming up (that one was easy) ...

 Bring it on :)
FlorianJaegerAuthor Commented:
I will - still typing ... I just can't seem to figure it out - this SDI stuff is just crazy. ;--)
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