hard disk red led glows often

i have windows 2000 professional installed with p4 1.7ghz , even though the system is idle the harddisk led (red light) glows often at regular intervals of 10 sec , i dont know weather it is due or virus or not , kinldy help , but my system is very slow , it takes more time to open windows explorer.kindly help.
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boyrageConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Solution #1:

Open 'My Computer'

Right click on your HDD, go 'Properties'

In 'General' tab, disable 'Allow Indexing Service... ...'

Repeat the same step for your other HDD partitions.

Solution #2:

Are you always downloading files? Your antivirus may be set to 'scan all files'. As more and more KB or MB of data is downloaded, it will be scanned along the way. Hence the constant HDD lights.

Solution #3:

Your HDD may be dead. Do you hear any ticking sounds from your HDD? That's one of the dying symptoms.
Download and run Adaware6 to find out what's running:

You can use the task manager to see what processes are using the cpu.  right click on the task bar and click task manager then hit the processes tab. this shows executables and their mem, cpu usage.

Then I would run a program called active ports. this util will tell you what programs are acting like servers and also gives the folder location of the .exe in task manager. This will also tell you what executable is holding open a port. You will most likely have to do some research for the output before just killing things, some look cryptic but are needed to run the OS. if you want to know what a certain .exe is just do a google on it, you should find something.


You can also do a  netstat -a from the cmd prompt to see if you have a lot of connections.  If you see alot of ip addresses that are not yours and you are not doing anything on the machine then you may have to look deeper.

Again this may be cryptic output depends on your skill level.

Update your AV signatures and scan your machine for viruses.

May be due to "Indexing Service". The Indexing Service is available on all versions of Windows 2000 and creates indexes of the contents and properties of documents on your local hard drive as well as shared network drives. This uses the system idle time.

Disable this service click start|run|services.msc
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