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Relay with Mercury as MX


I tryed everything to make a Mercury server  act as a mail exchanger for another computer and I had no success and I do not believe anymore it is possible with it. This is a last chance I give to this program.

Web Server A runs on V.X.Y.Z on domain dummy.com
Mail server B runs on  V.X.Y.W    on domain smtp.dummy.com
A have B as MX. Every email sent to user@smtp.dummy.com works ok, but to user@dummy.com fails in loops.

1 Solution
This sounds like a name confusion. smtp.dummy.com is not the same machine as dummy.com (which would be www.dummy.com or something like that?). I don't suppose your web server will accept incoming mail...

You need to make your mail server accept "@dummy.com" as an alias for @smtp.dummy.com and you need to have an MX record for that alias in your DNS entry. This means that there must not exist another machine with a DNS entry that is dummy.com; that would create confusion.

jorjAuthor Commented:
The solution I found was to use a record like this under "Local domains" tab:
Internet name=dummy.com

Their documentation isn't very clear with this box and that's why I needed so many hours for just testings of different names under different tabs.

I accept this as an answer not because it solved the problem but because it somehow suggested where I should keep trying. By the way, removing dummy.com from DNS would make this name innaccessible for my web server and this is not what I want.

Anyway, I reward you with an A to not break your successful history of A's you reveived lately.

Thank you.

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