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DLink DI-614+ and AOL DSL

Posted on 2003-03-21
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Last Modified: 2013-12-14
Hello all,

I have AOL DSL and I'm trying to setup a small network so every PC can share the internet independently thru a router ( DI-614+ ).  I know AOL support LinkSys routers.  Have anyone successfully setup a network using DI-614+ router to share the DSL line?

Thanks all,
Question by:NeoCB

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ID: 8190257
Typically a company "supporting" something only meens they know how to set it up. I.e. can do steo by step over the phone w/ u to help u get it up and running.

Using the di-604 will work, youll just have to refer to the manual on how to find the places you need to go to to setup the router to recognize the ip.

I am assuming aol is setup for DHCP to automatically grab the ip and what not, if not - pretend u got a linksys router, call em up and ask how2 set it up..

write it down, then do the same on you di - if they give u the ip's and such, then its a static config, then refer to that part fo the manual; if not, and they just say "Enable DHCP, etc" then its an "Always on conection"

Plug the router into the modem via cat5, then the router into the pc via cat5, unplug the modem's power, then replug it.. and reboot your pc and stat configuring it ;)

need any further help lemme know

Author Comment

ID: 8195765
Thanks for reply.  I called them once, but the tech doesnt know any other router except certain LinkSys router (may be just this tech).  I asked me to call Dlink and find out how to setup up the router to use with AOL DSL. I was thinking about calling them and pretending that I have a Linksys router; However, when I went to their website (www.aol.com) I found the instructions to setup a LinkSys router. This link takes me to www.linksys.com which means LinkSys provides the info of how to setup a LinkSys router to use with AOL DSL.

I was hoping that someone here already setup Dlink to use AOL DSL successfully.

Thanks all,

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ID: 8197311
OK checked out the linksys setup - for dsl its a PPoE connection.. u have a username and password from aol - u should know what that is..
As far as what youll need to do to setup the DI 604
that link is to grab a manual - they wont have generic fields entered in like "Insert aol name here" but its basic.. u log into the router (it has its own ip adress, most commonly .. you enter in the password (usually admin.. if that doesnt work, take a needle and press the reset button on the router, and that will restore it to the factory settings.. all wich will be found in the PDF manual u can d/l at the above link). Then once in, refer to the "setup a pppoe connection" part of the manual.. it will tell u what to click/where to go.. then u insert the aol username and password provided from aol.. and viola

like i said - all routers typically perform the same functions.. supported just often meens that theres a contract or profit sharing going on in between the companies, and they will have a step by step manual - or a knowlegable phone rep .. that reads a script (printed on the web) to help if u have problems ;)

granted ive never done this for aol, but i have setup many broaband networks in my day - and they tend to be the same thing.. just u gotta click a different tab here or there

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ID: 8200314
For what it's worth, I work for a DSL provider and we offer two different flavors of high speed internet service (depending on the area). For whatever reason, have NEVER been able to get a DLINK router to pull an IP address on one of our services. It trains up OK, but no DHCP. It works fine on the other network though.

No idea what the problem is, it's obviously not on our network end because every other router imagineable works, except the DLINK. DLINK says they've ran into this with several providers but have no patches / answers.

Not necessarily an answer, just letting you know not to burn too much time on it if you're having problems.  Most our residential customers use the Linksys BEFSR41 and have never had a problem.

Good luck.

Author Comment

ID: 8203868
Thanks for replying,

I've used DLink router b4 (DI-704P, the old one) and I had no problem with DHCP or Static IP with Cox Cable.  My DLink DI-704 broke, that's why I bought the DI-614+ for its wireless feature.

Any more suggestion, opinion, or idea?
Thanks all.

Accepted Solution

WSJokah earned 80 total points
ID: 8204787
I have a di-704 router, and its worked fine so far on 4 different cable systems, 2 dsl's, and no problem

but i did some research.. and this is what i found

Q. Can I use the D-Link DI-704, or other D-Link Broadband Routers, to share my internet connection provided by AOL DSL Plus?


A. Unfortunately, No.

turns out aol was right, and allthough ive never heard of this and its pretty assisnine that they limit only lynksys routers

perhaps thats just because the di's ppoe sux??
dunno - but good luck

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ID: 8722140
   AOL dsl does not require a router, nor will it work with one.  A dsl account can log on as many
times as a different username is available.  Using this particular router,  DI614+ one WAN connection and
four LAN connections,  you would not use the WAN connection, just plug your DSL modem into one of the
LAN ports, using it like a wireless hub.  There will be only 3 wired LAN ports available, but They will all be able to log on to AOL, as will many wireless connections.  This is the simplest shared DSL out there.

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