Making an application to show up only on the taskbar when you run it

I want to run an small application from the command line, but I don't want it to open up on the screen. I want it to just show up on the taskbar, and stay there until the user decide to pull it up to the screen to use it.
For example, I would like to have a call like this -> c:\notepad , but instead of "notepad" openning up on the screen it would show up on the taskbar, so that is if I ant to use it, I would click on it in on the taskbar and restore it to the screen.

How can I do this??????
I am expecting something like -> c:\notepad -t  (hehehe)

Thanks a lot in advance
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YarnoSGConnect With a Mentor Commented:
view the properties of the shortcut;  On the "shortcut" tab there is a "RUN:" entry.
It Has
Normal Window

You want to set it to "minimized"

-Steven Yarnot
dyma82Author Commented:
One more little question.
On Windows 2000:

How can I kill a process running from the command line????
Something like Unix command "kill processNumber"????
SysInternals ( has a free utility, PSKill (and a lot of other VERY good command line & GUI tools)
the resource kit has "Kill"
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