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Shed light on Dr Watson error in Excel

 I was processing my Excel files happily on my local PC
 for years. Then we have decided to process them
 on the NT server. The same process ran OK and generated 200 files as needed. But about 10 files
 could not be opened and generated Dr Watson error when double clicking on them, with the Dr Watson Log.
  Here is the exerpt from DR Watson Log:
 Application exception occurred:
        App:  (pid=1488)
        When: 3/20/2003 @ 16:26:13.101
        Exception number: c0000005 (access violation)

*----> System Information <----*
        Computer Name: blalala
        User Name: bebebebe
        Number of Processors: 1
        Processor Type: x86 Family 15 Model 1 Stepping 2
        Windows 2000 Version: 5.0
        Current Build:
        Service Pack: 2
        Current Type: Uniprocessor Free
        Registered Organization: Managed Environment
        Registered Owner: Managed Environment

*----> Task List <----*
   0 Idle.exe
   8 System.exe
 168 SMSS.exe
 192 csrss.exe
 212 WINLOGON.exe
 240 services.exe
 252 LSASS.exe
 408 svchost.exe
 452 svchost.exe
 500 spoolsv.exe
 576 awhost32.exe
 632 defwatch.exe
 664 ftpsched.exe
 704 ndserv.exe
 756 ndinit.exe
 780 rtvscan.exe
 796 ndtask.exe
 840 nvsvc32.exe
 860 dbsnmp.exe
 960 vppdc.exe
 972 TNSLSNR.exe
 992 oracle.exe
1020 regsvc.exe
1036 mstask.exe
1056 winmgmt.exe
1124 mspmspsv.exe
1224 MSGSYS.exe
1484 explorer.exe
1536 defptr.exe
1596 Directcd.exe
1624 ndtask.exe
1612 vptray.exe
1628 qttask.exe
1672 loadqm.exe
1632 ftpqueue.exe
1592 CPQEK.exe
 292 internat.exe
1508 msmsgs.exe
1356 OUTLOOK.exe
1336 MAPISP32.exe
1564 MDM.exe
1488 EXCEL.exe
 788 drwtsn32.exe
   0 _Total.exe

 Can you please shed light on this Dr Watson error and also direct me to the correct page
 on Microsoft knowledge DB. I would need the exect description of that problem there.

1 Solution
You need to post:

a) The error message verbatim.

b) A bit more of the drwatson32.log, i.e. the gibberish which comes after this block above, which shows only the CPU, the operating system and which programs you were running. Watch for the word 'Fault' like here:

function: MsoGetFileAttributesW

        308e0728 56               push    esi

        308e0729 8bf8             mov     edi,eax

        308e072b e89156feff       call    MsoReleaseMemCore (308c5dc1)

        308e0730 8bc7             mov     eax,edi

        308e0732 5f               pop     edi

        308e0733 5e               pop     esi

        308e0734 ebd4             jmp     CFolder::Cfft+0x472 (308e5e0a)

        308e0736 56               push    esi

        308e0737 57               push    edi

        308e0738 8bf1             mov     esi,ecx

FAULT ->308e073a 668b06           mov     ax,[esi]                   ds:06cafbac=????

        308e073d 6685c0           test    ax,ax

        308e0740 741d             jz      HdlgGetCur+0x5f1 (308e2c5f)

As for the cause: Did your macro save _to_ a network drive ?  If the network was not stable, this can generate corrupt files.
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