i have an iso, i just don't know what to do with it.

I downloaded the iso image for slackware 8.1 and burned it to a cd. I set my cdrom drive as the first boot device but i can't boot from this cd. I've obviosly done somthing wrong so any help is appreciated.
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On the cd you should have a directory bootdisks, which contain the DOS utility rewrite.exe and a set of diskette images.
Read the file README.TXT, decide from the info there which boot image is best suited for your system, rawrite that to a diskette, then boot of that diskette.

If you don't have the bootdisks§ directory... well, then perhaps you've made some error burning the ISO:-). I doubt that though.
The image should be prepared for El Torrito booting, but... all systems can't grok all bootable CDs, although they might claim it.

-- Glenn
did youu burn the iso as an ISO image?  
I had that problem ........  works fine now.
krymeAuthor Commented:
No i don't think my cd was created properly.  It was acually given to me by a freind so i guess he didn't set it up right.  Any help on how to install the iso properly onto the disc would help.
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you should check out http://www.linuxiso.org the site has great info on how to burn iso's onto cd's and junk as well as the actual iso's to download. ;)
The details differ a bit between burn programs. Mostly it's a question of opening the ISO file as an ISO, and not as a file:-).

It's very easy to see if it's wrong. If the directory I mentioned is visible in the root of the CD, it is OK... anything else, and it is not.

The bootability of the CD is a property of the ISO image.
The link from randouche is a gem:-).

-- Glenn
I think I downloaded the same ISO a couple of weeks ago.
It is a bad ISO, as it is both not bootable AND does not have images for the boot diskettes on it.

I ended up downloading the boot diskettes (6 of them!) from the net, and creating them. They boot fine (takes a while though) and I've got a working installation thanks to them.

An example location to download boot diskettes from:

Read the README.TXT in that directory for instructions on how to use rawrite if you don't know.

Mirrors for Slackware 8.1 available here:
(you're looking for the "slackware-8.1/rootdisks/" subdir in any of the HTTP mirrors)

BTW- Slackware 9 was just released. You may prefer to wait until you can grab an ISO (lots of traffic at the moment - I couldn't get one...)

LOL - I though I was doing something wrong until I saw your question. Strange. Real strange...

Hm, I'll have to DL and check that (both 8.1 and 9.0 can be gotten from mirrors... ftp.sunet.se is near me:-).

Sounds like Paul made a no-no...

-- Glenn
Nope,, not so much a no-no... You should check the README.TXT in the directory you got the single ISO 8.1 from (as should I have done earlier:-). To conserve space so that it would fit on one CD Paul's been "cutting corners". Here's a quote from the file:

Note that for space reasons, the KDEI (KDE i18n) series could not be
included on this ISO, and I apologize for the inconvenience.  If you need
KDE translations, you can pick them up here:


Other things that aren't on this disc that you might need to pick up
"a la carte" include the boot floppy images and rootdisks (if you can boot
this CD-ROM, you won't need these), ZipSlack, and the source code.  All
of these extras are available from our FTP site:


Or, pick up the official 4 CD-ROM Slackware disc set here:



--- End quote ---

BTW, I was hasty about 9.0... no ISOs on the mirrors ... yet:-). Network installs or mirroring to a hd is possible though.

-- Glenn
kryme, do you still need help with this?

Glenn, some mirrors listed in the official mirror list do have the 9.0 ISO, you just have to open some at random and check. I didn't manage to connect to any of those servers at the time I tried (I thought they would get pretty busy when versions get released, but wow...)
I did find and download it from a nearby LUG - in my case RUSLUG (Rutgers Univ.), at: ruslug.rutgers.edu

This problem with boot disks remains in version 9.0 (they do not appear in the ISO). I have not burned a CD yet, so I can't say if it is bootable or not.

Most mirrors mirror a lot of distros. Unfortunately, both slack 9.0 _and_ Mandrake 9.1 is out fairly recently (since yesterday for Mdk9.1), so most "main mirrors" are really swamped just now. I expect it to quiet down in a couple of days:-).

-- Glenn
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