Stupid question...? A7V333 Mobo -System Failed CPU Test.

I keep getting this message when I try to boot my PC.
Everything is new, HD is not even formatted yet.

A7V333 Asus Mobo
AMD Athlon 2000 XP
40 GB Maxtor
32MB nVidia GeForce MX400
512 Mb PC2700 DDR 333Mhz
LG 52xx52 CD-RW
Compaq 24x CD-ROM
Thermaltake Volcano 6CU

I've had it with this error. I booted up once successfully and got into the BIOS accepted default settings for now, and only changed Boot From Floppy to format my hard drive. After the boot, BIOS diagnostic runs and the ASUS Post Reporter gives me a message that the "System Failed CPU Test" , figuring it had mistaken the selection of the CPU multiplier I checked to see that the board jumper settings were bridged to JumperFree, so it would detect the CPU and pass the Post test. It doesn't though. I've even bridged the jumper to JumperMode and set the CPU SYSCLOCK to the appropriate speed of my CPU (didn't overclock), and...same thing.

Next, I took off my Thermaltake Cooler, checked that the chip was installed correctly and mounted it again. Same thing. I guess next I will remove my NIC, Video card, IDE connections, floppy and just see if there is any change, but I highly suspect this will not make a difference.
Can somebody help me with this? ASUS Support blows..I've emailed them and heard nothing, no tech number either. Any advice folks?
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Well, it sounds like your processor might be bad.  Is it new?  

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Christopher McKayMicrosoft Network AdministratorCommented:
>>>ASUS Support blows..I've emailed them and heard nothing, no tech number either. Any advice folks?

Asus Tech #:

I agree with rrhunt28, sounds like a defective CPU.

Hope this helps!


Similar issue that encountered before. I changed motherboard and it works since then.

Asus tech support is monkey, dont waste your time.
Did you try resetting your CMOS?
My guess is a defective CPU. AMD makes awsome CPUs. However, they also have a slight tendancy to be defective more often than Intel CPUs.

Asus support does blow, but their Mobos are still top of the line.
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