Set memo1.height according to content (lines.count) problem

I have form1 set to autosize.  I want memo1 to resize (height only) according to how many lines are in it without having to use ssvertical.
In other words, when memo1 loads up (from text in a text file), if it has more that what will fit on the screen, I need to resize it accordingly so when I print form1, it will print all text on form and memo1.

In my code, I hide the buttons on the form before it prints then switch them back on.

I've tried // memo1.height := memo1.lines.count * 20;
but that doesn't work quite right.  It does resize it but not right.  My font is Tahoma 10 regular.


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Mark BradyPrincipal Data EngineerAsked:
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Try this:

memo1.Height := memo1.Lines.Count * canvas.TextHeight('a') + 10;

You can experiment with the value 10 to find the value tha best suit you.

Aslo you can do the following:
iMemoHeight := memo1.Lines.Count * canvas.TextHeight('a')+ 10;
if iMemoHeight> iMyMaximamu then iMemoHeight := iMyMaximamu;
memo1.Height := iMemoHeight;
where iMyMaximamu is the maximum height for the memo.

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I remember in Richedit there is an Event OnRequestResize, maybe it would be a more stable solution?
Mark BradyPrincipal Data EngineerAuthor Commented:
I've used your answer and modified it a little.  This is what I have now that works for me.

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
if button1.caption = 'Add Data' then
button1.caption := 'Clear';
memo1.lines.loadfromfile ('c:\bonusplus\data\Mytext.txt');
memo1.Height := (memo1.Lines.Count + 1) * canvas.TextHeight('a') + 10;

button1.caption := 'Add Data';
memo1.Height := (memo1.Lines.Count + 1) * canvas.TextHeight('a') + 10;
if memo1.height > 490 then begin
memo1.height := 490;
memo1.ScrollBars := ssvertical;
memo1.ScrollBars := ssnone;


I had to add the '+ 1' so it would show every line in the memo but in any case, the problem is solved, thank you.

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