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pass value from page to another pages form textbox


I have a page filled with seminars that the users can sign up for.  I also have links following each seminar that send the user to a register page with a form.  On this form there is a seminar text box that the user must fill out with the appropriate seminar name in order to be registered.

I would like to have this seminar text box filled out with the seminar name automatically.  Any ideas on how to do this?

1 Solution
select * from seminars


<input type="text" name="seminar" value="#seminar#">
on the seminar page have links like this...

<A HREF="register.cfm?seminar_name=#seminar_name#">

and on the register page have a query and a text box like this...

<INPUT type="text" name="seminar" value="#seminar_name#">

Renante EnteraSenior PHP DeveloperCommented:
Take this simple example:

Four your main page type this code:

<cfparam name="seminar" default="">
<input name="seminar" type="text" value="<cfoutput>#seminar#</cfoutput>">

Then save it as disp.cfm.

For your other file which displays the list of seminars.
Have this code:

<p><a href="disp.cfm?seminar=Seminar%20One">Seminar One</a></p>
<p><a href="disp.cfm?seminar=Seminar%20Two">Seminar Two</a></p>
<p><a href="disp.cfm?seminar=Seminar%20Three">Seminar Three</a></p>
<p><a href="disp.cfm?seminar=Seminar%20Four">Seminar Four</a></p>

Save as seminar.cfm.

Note: On the disp.cfm, it is required to have the <CFOUTPUT></CFOUTPUT> tags for the value of your textbox seminar.

Try to run this code...
I hope it will give you an idea for your problem.

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Renante EnteraSenior PHP DeveloperCommented:
Additional Reminders:

%20 is equivalent to a single space


For you link [disp.cfm?seminar=Seminar One], the value for the seminar correspond to the name of the seminar that you want to be displayed for your seminar textbox.

Best Wishes!!!
i will rather suggests u to do it in hidden variable.

like this

seminar selection page.

<script language="javascript">
   function fndetail(myval){
     document.frmtest.hdnseminarname.value = myval

<cfquery name="qryseminar" datasource="dsn">
  select * from seminar
<form name="frmtest">
<input type="hidden" name="hdnseminarname" value="">
<cfoutput query="qryseminar">
   <a href="seminardtls.cfm" onclick="fndetail('#semianr_details#');return false;">#semianr_details#</a>

<cfparam name="seminarname" default="">
<cfif isDefined("form.hdnseminarname")>
   <cfset seminarname= form.hdnseminarname>
Seminar Name :
<input type="text" name="txtseminarname" value="#seminarname#">

if u want to do it in url variable, don't forget to do urlencoding.

<a href="disp.cfm?seminar=URLEncodedFormat(seminar_name)">#seminar_name#</a></p>

refer it in details page for seminar name by url.seminar
havik83rsAuthor Commented:
Works perfectly, thanks!

Renante EnteraSenior PHP DeveloperCommented:
Thanks for the points havik83rs.
I'm glad to help you solve your problem. I hope to help you again next time.

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