instalshield for solaris

I am wondering if there is any utility like installshield in solaris so that i can install my program with a mouse click?

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What about...
"InstallShield MultiPlatform"

Personally I'd settle with normal packages

Not a click,  but even better.. (usable in serial consols, over slow connectins (2k4 modem speed), etc where a graphical application would take hours to even display. Also from remote locations it's not always possible to display to local X displays due to firewalls etc in the path :-))


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You can also install multiple packages at the same time, as long as you separate package names with a space, as follows:

# pkgadd -d /dev/rmt/0 pkgA pkgB pkgC

Or by Jumpstart method list the all packages.

Good luck

Nah ... Not really, if you're lucky enough to get an 'installer' script with the application and that is most likely not a sinlge-click install.

So, most of the time, you'll need to utilize the pkgadd command.

In Sol_8 there is a GUI-centric package installer, admintool, for simple point-click package installations.
"Linux_newbee" clearly says "my program" in the question, so I take it he/she is a "developer" looking for a tool like Install shield to use for his/her product in Solaris.
As "installshield" actually does exist for Solaris, see my first comment, wouldn't this question be considered answered already?
(The first thing that hits you when visiting is the "Multiplatform" announcment of the product)


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