CPU running hot

I have a ECS KT333-8235 motherboard with a AMD XP 2400 processor.  I have tried everything I can think of to get my core CPU temp down.  The fan I am using is a Volcano 9 with coolmod, although I have tried the volcano 7 fan.  My CPU temp is running in the mid 50c range.  My other 2 AMD 2100's with lesser speed fans run about 10 degree's cooler.  I have used thermal paste on all of these.  The case has 4 fans blowing out heat and the internal temp of the case is 30c.  My hard drives in the case are running at 33c.  I am at a loss on what is causing the CPU to run so warm.

Rob Freeman
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Is the thermal paste you laid down was it in a thin layer. If it was laid down thick then it is acting as a insulator and disallowing some of the heat from disipatign. Is the heat sink and the fan pointed in such a way that it is drawing heat from away from the CPU and not pushing it back towards the CPU?
Are you over clockin the CPU?
freemancrAuthor Commented:
No overclocking.  running at 133/133.  The fans other then the volcano 9 are all pushing out of the case.

Maybe it is a thick layer of paste.  Not sure of how the CPU fan could push the heat back to the fan.
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>>>Not sure of how the CPU fan could push the heat back to the fan

There is a fan on the CPU correct? It can accidentally be installed where it is blowing towards the CPU instaed of away from it. :>)
freemancrAuthor Commented:
What is the best way to remove the thermal paste from the CPU and the fan?
I understand your concern about overheating, AMD's are known for their issues with high temps. The higher speed cpu's will generally have a higher temp even with adequate cooling. So mid 50's may have been unusual for your previous AMD, but it IS well within safe limits. I assume your board came with a monitoring utility, as long as you continue to act proactively you shouldn't have a problem. If it would make you feel more comfortable to have a lower temp, I would suggest a water cooling system. I don't use one, but I hear they work quite well...

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" The fans other then the volcano 9 are all pushing out of the case."  You should have the same amount of cool air comming in as you have warm air out. You should Have one or two fans pulling cool air in. With all fans pushing air out you won't have air flow.
"What is the best way to remove the thermal paste from the CPU and the fan?" I use alcohol.
You're making much ado about NOTHING!  A CPU core temp in the "mid-50s" is downright balmy.  The CPU core temp for the AMD is specified by AMD at 85C!  You're not even "toasty" at this point.
I know you're one of the best guy, so don't take this badly. I posted the same comment 2 post earlier than yours...
No offense taken.  But I didn't think your comment was clear enough and it also contains inaccurate information.  No AMD CPU has even been made that has a MAX operating temp in the 50C range.

Typically, semiconductors intended for non-MIL use are rated to 70C max temp.  Many modern CPUs, however, run hot due to high power dissipation and relatively small packaging and so many manufacturers now rate them up to 85C.

The problem is that too many people simply don't understand that "hot" is. 50C is not hot.  Even 59C is not hot.  
freemancrAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the imput!  Using speedfan and Sandra was worrying me too much.  

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