Utility to check Holes in the System

Is there any utility for checking the various Security Holes in the Windows NT System, Like Shares, various accesses to the system, user list, etc.
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Use "Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer".

Microsoft released the Baseline Security Analyser (MBSA), a free tool which analyses Windows systems for common security misconfigurations. I ve tested it and it is excellent. Analyses system security compromize, share vulnerability, permissions etc.


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how about trying ISS, free download to perform scan on localhost, good tool if you know how to use it
Another good free tool is Nessus (the Nessus "server"runs only on Linux). Nessus can scan different systems for security holes and can even  be user configured to search for new security holes as they appear ( or new "sigs" can be downloaded if you don't wish to do your own coding.)

Frankly, I never rely on just one tool to do security testing. So you might want to look at ALL the suggested products.
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I use XScan, www.xfocus.org

It has a lot of usefull scan parameters to look for IIS SQL NTPass netbios and other holes and also provides some support to how to fix these holes.
You can use Shadow Security Scan or Retina.
download at http://www.eeye.com/html/Products/Retina/Download.html
Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware EngineerCommented:
I also recommend nessus - but point out that the no-install-needed Knoppix CD (downloadable free here: http://www.knopper.net/knoppix/index-en.html ) contains this scanner in an easy to use form (well, provided you have DHCP on your network anyhow :)

Assuming you have DHCP, you can boot knoppix, have it acquire an ip, and be up and running with nessus scans in under a minute

if you don't, you will need to set the ip address manually.
Leaktest from www.grc.com
Trojan Simulator  http://www.misec.net/trojansimulator/
Email Test http://www.gfi.com/emailsecuritytest/
10 major ports, trojans and privacy http://www.pcflank.com/test.htm
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