Crash in Windows 2000?

From time to time I have random crashes in windows 2000. I turn off autostart and the bluescreen said, DateStamp and nv4_disp.dll is involved. The dll-file seems to handle the gfx-card but I have downloaded the latest drivers from Nvidia (unified driver). I have a Asus AGP V7100 NVIDIA GeForce MX-200 32 MB gfx-card with TV-out. The driver has version and is digitally signed by Microsoft. nv4_disp.dll has version I searched the internet and many seems to share my problem.
Any help???
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CarzyOne is right on the money.  I have the very same card, and indeed experienced the same problems.  I had to try a number of NVidia's drivers to find the best one.  The older detonator drivers did the trick.

41.09 are the latest drivers:

The older archived drivers may be found here:

I think I am running 28.32.  The software you are running will dictate which driver you use, trial and error is the only fix here.  I still have an occasional problem, but not enough to try the latest and greatest yet.  In fact I may never change as this card is being phased out.
See if using a different version of the driver will helps any

Go to the following link

Click on Videocard Drivers
Then Click on NVIDIA detonator drivers

and there are several pages worth of NVida drivers.

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