Video Card Problem

Hi, i have a video card (just bought it 3 days ago) which is MX440SE-T  or G4MX440SE, 64M DDR, SC-TV out which is manufactured by MSI. Look here for its features:

The problem is i can't make it shows up on my tv, i've been trying to use its s-video port (from the graphic card)and connect it to my s-video on my tv, i even tried to use the tv-out form the card to connect it to my tv, and it still won't work. Someone did ask me to download TvTool to have a try and it still won't help, i wonder it is because of the driver problem or what (evne though i've install the driver a couple of times and even download the latest driver form the MSI website).

The cable that i bought are:
1) 4pin SVHS Plug to 2 RCA plugs
2) 4pin SVHS Plug to 4Pin SVHS.

Both of the cables work fine with my laptop when i used my laptop to watch movie on tv.But they just won't work on my PC's graphic card.Hope you can hlep me out, thanks!
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I also have a video card which has a tv out. Is TvTool the app prescribed by our Video card maker or just a generic one? Is there any explaination of this feature in the users manual? If not I suggest going to the manufacturers website to find out what their app is. Download the app and its manual. I was hoping to provide a link for you, but MSI recently restructured, I couldn't find a link with my limited time. If you can't get it to work with the appropriate app, or if Tvtool IS the correct app please repost...
Your tv on AUX?  What's the input on the TV where the cable is connected.  Is the TV on when you start your computer?
PerfectBlueAuthor Commented:
TvTool is not an app that prescribed by the video card maker, it's just an app which someone asked me to try for, i have RCA input and s-video input, yep my tv is switched on when i start my comp
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Once all is switched on:
Go to 'Display Properties' and highlight the monitor icon for your TV
(usually display no.2)
Tick 'Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor'
Click 'Apply'
Screen will momentarily black out then return
Your TV should now have a picture - if not you may find that the SCART on the TV isnt working properly.

Now on some TV's the picture is black and white, if so:

Make sure Display No.2 is still highlighted
Click 'Advanced'
Click 'Ti4600' tab
Click 'Device Selection'
Change 'Video output format' to 'Composite Video-Out'
Video should now be colour
While you are there...
Click 'Device Adjustments' and move the top slider all the way to the right - this enables overscan (no need for TVTool anymore)

I've never tried TvTool, but my card is Nvidia based as well. Download "Nview" from here: 

My current video card is my first with such a capability, so I don't know if this app will work, but I assume it will...

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What I meant to say was, I currently use Nview. I've never tried it with any other comparable card. I'm assuming that it will work for you since we share a Nvidia chipset...
actually, as I review the site again; I downloaded various drivers for the full funtionality of my card. look at all of the available choices on the link I provided. You may need more than just Nview...
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